You’ve probably heard this before, and we mean it just as much as anyone else. Our people come first. Our employees are obviously at the center of what we do – they are our biggest investment and biggest potential return.

When you work at RiVi, you have the opportunity to excel in a challenging, empowering environment, driven by technology. Our work culture helps us achieve our objectives – and we take pride in being creative, people-driven, and socially and ethically conscious.

Learning is a continuous process here – considerable time and effort is put into identifying, creating and executing training programs that enable our personnel to maintain and advance their skills. Our competitive rewards, benefits, and exposure to frontier technologies make RiVi the ideal environment for a flourishing career.

Our HR policy is based on three simple tenets:

  • Create and nurture an environment of openness, trust and respect
  • Promote ethical behavior and teamwork
  • Influence growth and excellence

You’ll be much more than just a problem solver at RiVi: you’ll be an enabler, a proactive component of our drive to help our clients realize their business goals.

At RiVi, our objectives are always crystal clear. Our presence in global markets is growing – and we’d like you to grow with us. You will be given opportunities to lead assignments, expose yourself to a variety of sectors, meet the best people in the industry and exercise your personal and professional skills.

With an exceptionally talented pool of employees & cutting edge solutions RiVi is poised for success. To explore your opportunities with us, write to us at

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